How do you help a successfully established service organization reimagine what they could be in the future?
Christian Bros. provides automotive maintenance services through a franchisee model in the mid-eastern and southern states. They approached us with the desire to forecast the future of their customer, the service experience and their role in a rapidly changing market.
Knowing our work was to debut at the annual franchise summit, it was critical that we produced more than research findings. I wanted the owners to be able to experience our findings “first hand” and visualize the future we were envisioning for them together. 
Our goal was to showcase a vision of the future of Christian Brothers in a “show don’t tell” event, utilizing a full suite of brand experiences: client keynotes, video anthemics, architectural renderings and fly-throughs, high fidelity prototypes, and an updated brand vocabulary including voice, tone, imagery, iconography and language.
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